What Is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property comprises the intangible, yet valuable tools, products, processes, ideas, and creations of an individual or company that give the individual or company a competitive edge in business. It includes logos, company names, artwork, advertising, brochures, Web sites, trade secrets, inventions, machines, processes, and devices.

What are intellectual property laws?

Intellectual property laws are laws that protect intellectual property. In other words, they are laws that protect all the intangible valuable tools, products, processes, ideas, and creations that give companies an edge over their competitors. Such laws include:

  • patent laws: 35 USC § 100 et seq.
  • trademark laws: 15 USC § 1051 et seq.
  • unfair competition laws: 15 USC § 1125 et seq.
  • copyright laws: 17 USC § 100 et seq.; and
  • trade secret laws

How is our process different from other intellectual property law firms?

We start by taking the time to understand our clients as people:

  • The client’s goals, personally and professionally
  • The client’s values
  • The client’s intentions (if we don’t understand where you want to go, how can we help you get there?)
  • The client’s business
  • The position of the client’s business in the marketplace
  • The obstacles the client anticipates in the process of achieving his or her goals and the impact of those obstacles on the client’s income and quality of life;
  • And finally the legal issues wholistically, not just in connection of patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

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Who We Are

What makes us different

At INTELLECTULAW™, an intellectual property law firm located in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York and practicing both nationally and internationally, we partner with select clients to use intellectual property laws in a manner that most impacts their income and quality.

We start by taking the time to really understand their business and goals in order to develop a strategy that in fact provides a significant impact on their income and quality of life through the proper use and management of intellectual property laws; a strategy that make sense to them.

Strategies we employ

  • Filing for a patent and/or trademark registration

  • Conducting a patent search and/or trademark search

  • Insuring that title to patents, trademarks, and copyrights is proper licensing

  • Assigning the patent, trademark, or copyright

  • Planning for mergers

  • Litigating a dispute

  • Minimizing tax costs

  • Preparing and anticipating infringement

Our specializations


We assist clients with patent searches to ensure the invention meets the statutory requirements for patentability. We prosecute patent applications to secure patents and act as trial counsel in lawsuits enforcing or challenging issued patents.

Licensing Issues

We draft work-for-hire agreements and licensing agreements. We also represent clients who need to enforce licensing agreements.


In our trademark practice, we conduct trademark searches, file trademark applications for the registration of trademarks both nationally, at the federal and state levels if necessary, and internationally, and assist clients with trademark enforcement.


Our copyright attorneys guide clients through the copyright process. We also act as trial counsel in actions seeking to enforce and challenge copyrights.

Trade Secrets

We litigate to ensure protection of trade secrets. We also prepare confidentiality agreements and non-compete agreements and help enforce them, as well as challenge them.

International Intellectual Property Representation

For Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Litigation, Licensing Issues, and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
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With the knowledge we acquire, we structure a strategy to help our client achieve personal and professional goals, using the proper management of their intellectual property and the proper and effective application of the intellectual property laws. We make our clients part of the process, keeping them in the loop, bringing them clarity and the knowledge that they need to make informed decisions along the way. The result is that our clients are more in control of the results they seek in connection with the protection of their intellectual property, than with any other approach.

What Our Clients Say

  • The law offices of Intellectulaw represented our company in complex intellectual property litigation encompassing trademark law, copyright law, unfair competition law, and contract law which lasted for over 4 years. Ms. Tufariello  first established our needs and our capabilities which were very limited. She educated us in the process and held our hand along the way. She made decisions along the way that probably saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, while attaining our goals and not compromising any of them. We were always confident she had our interests at heart before anything else. Ms. Tufariello is a compassionate attorney and passionate about her work. She cares about her clients and the legal system. She is a fighter in court and a formidable adversary to any high priced Manhattan NY  lawyer.  I highly recommend Ms. Tufariello and her law firm to any person or company requiring Intellectual Property representation whether it is for a simple registration or complex litigation.

    Mordy Naftaly – Serialcomm
  • Tufariello has successfully represented my shoe firm for the past 15 years and she has “always” achieved incredibly positive results with whatever the mission. Betty is tenacious, relentless and is an absolute expert in understanding and interpreting intellectual property law. No challenge , no matter how great , is insurmountable with her by your side. – Richard Makowsky

    Aspire Global LLC
  • I can say with all sincerity that working with you has been quite enjoyable. You confront your work in a most professional manner but yet are able to emit warm, sincere feelings of concern for my interests in whatever matters are at hand. You take a personal interest in my concerns and needs. The biggest concern that I have when dealing with law firms is their lack of expediency in solving matters. Seemingly, they give their top priority to ‘billable hours.’ Any project that I have given you is handled in a swift, timely manner, which is of utmost importance to me. Should the costs involved be of concern, you have shown you are willing to work with me to reduce the fees incurred. This is very rare to find in other law firms that I have dealt with in the past. In conclusion, I think the best way to ‘build a business’ is by word of mouth. One can advertise all day long, but what potential clients want to hear is how your current clients feel about you.

    Renaissance Imports, Inc.
  • Your firm has handled trademark filings and various other matters relating thereto for us during the past 4 years in a most professional and highly skilled manner. Especially appreciated is that you respond to call made to you right away.

    Only 8 Yogurt Corp.
  • Working with Betty Tufariello’s Firm has been very smooth. Not only are they very organized, they help you organize yourself. They are very efficient and easily accessible. Whenever you need to speak to someone, you do – not an answering machine. I wish them all the best.

    Cibao Meat Products, Inc.