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You Have A Big Idea. Now What?

Every business starts with a big idea. What turns an idea into a business is the branding, expertise, and the delivery of services or goods to the people who would most benefit from that idea. Intellectual property comprises the intangible, yet valuable tools, products, processes, ideas, and creations of an individual or company and gives them a competitive edge in business. It includes logos, company names, artwork, advertising, brochures, Web sites, trade secrets, inventions, machines, processes, and devices.

How Do You Protect Your Ideas?

Intellectual property laws are laws that protect intellectual property. In other words, they are laws that protect all the intangible valuable tools, products, processes, ideas, and creations that give companies an edge over their competitors. Such laws include: patent laws – 35 USC § 100 et seq., trademark laws – 15 USC § 1051 et seq., unfair competition laws – 15 USC § 1125 et seq., copyright laws – 17 USC § 100 et seq., and trade secret laws.

What Makes Our Firm Different?

Intellectulaw™ helps you protect your ideas and increase your income through the proper use of your intellectual property. We use your goals and objectives to structure a strategy that properly manages your IP needs, in a manner that makes the most sense to you. We start by taking the time to understand our clients as people: The client’s goals, values, intentions, their business, the position of the business in the marketplace, the obstacles the client anticipates, and the legal issues wholistically – not just in connection of patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Bulletproof Protection. Profitable Results.

With the knowledge we acquire, we structure a strategy to help our client achieve their goals by properly utilizing domestic and international laws to effectively manage their intellectual property. We make our clients part of the process, keeping them in the loop, bringing them the clarity and knowledge that they need to make informed decisions along the way. The result is that our clients are in more control of the results they seek in connection with the protection of their intellectual property, than with any other approach.


How We Help You


When the traditional approaches to infringement – cease and desist letters, temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions – fail to produce the desired results, we have the experience to protect your ideas, whether through litigation or alternative dispute resolution.


In our trademark practice, we conduct trademark searches, file trademark applications for the registration of trademarks both nationally, at the federal and state levels if necessary, and internationally, and assist clients with trademark enforcement.


We assist clients with patent searches to ensure the invention meets the statutory requirements for patentability. We prosecute patent applications to secure patents and act as trial counsel in lawsuits enforcing or challenging issued patents.

Licensing Issues

We draft work-for-hire agreements and licensing agreements. We also represent clients who need to enforce licensing agreements.


Our copyright attorneys guide clients through the copyright process. We also act as trial counsel in actions seeking to enforce and challenge copyrights.

Trade Secrets

We litigate to ensure protection of trade secrets. We also prepare confidentiality agreements and non-compete agreements and help enforce them, as well as challenge them.


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